Research Services

AgMetrics conducts both qualitative and quantitative research for Clients.

For qualitative research, focus groups and personal interviews are professionally moderated. All sessions are either video or audio recorded. The sessions are thoroughly analyzed and summarized in Client Management Reports, which normally include video or audio clips supporting research findings and conclusions, take a look.
For quantitative research, AgMetrics provides full-service projects to Clients including all phases of study production — research design, data collection, tabulation, analysis and reporting. click now. AgMetrics routinely conducts the following types of quantitative studies for Clients:

  • Communications Concept Testing and Tracking
  • Product and/or Service Concept Assessment
  • Pricing Studies (Discrete Choice, Monadic, Etc.)
  • Satisfaction & Image (Company, Brand, Service, Etc.)
  • Market Measurement
  • Channel Program Assessment

Study presentations from AgMetrics to Client Management are standard action ac. Regardless of the research approach used, qualitative or quantitative, AgMetrics strives to provide Clients projects that are as “turn key” as possible.